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  • One of the most exciting schools in the UK
  • Academic excellence and extraordinary creativity
  • The only dedicated 6th form boarding school
  • Outstanding facililites for the creative and performing arts
  • Broad range of A Level subects available in any combination

Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House was founded in 1970 and has since become one of the UK's most successful independent schools, specialising as a residential sixth form school. Less institutional than the traditional public school system, the school has a strong work ethic and offers students a very broad range of subjects and academic programmes at GCSE and A Level, with an intellectual and social environment closer to that of a university.

As well as traditional academic subjects, Hurtwood House is especially famous for its creative and performing arts department. Theatre, Media Studies, Art and Music are offered along with outstanding facilities, including the largest and most professional Theatre department of any school in the country.

Music technology is taken onto another level with four purpose-built, digital 16-track recording studios equipped to professional standards, a fully equipped MIDI composition and editing suite with a Dolby digital surround sound system, and a school radio station, all available for students to develop their skills and creativity including elaborately staged concerts, musical showcases and music writing.

Outside activities include a programme of sport and other activities every afternoon as well as social events, visits to conferences, exhibitions, theatres, museums and galleries. Staff at Hurtwood House understand the importance of achieving the right balance between work and relaxation, ensuring that all students have interests to fulfil their time.

Student accommodation is available within one of the five boarding houses/lodges on campus or nearby with a housemaster and a team of house tutors, ensuring a safe, structured, caring and happy environment throughout their stay at Hurtwood House. A games room, communal TV room are available for students as well as transport on Friday and Saturday afternoons, ensuring that students can enjoy the local town of Guildford and its attractions.

Hurtwood House itself is situated in a small, rural village in between the market towns of Dorking & Guildford, Surrey. Both Guildford and Dorking have a strong sense of history and artistic traditions including festivals of visual arts, music and literature. Students can also take advantage of the towns' local restaurants, architecture, heritage, antiques, and shopping. Hurtwood House is a perfect location for both national and international students with rail and air links within a short distance, allowing students to discover other UK towns, cities and attractions.

Hurtwood House is by far one of England's most exciting and successful schools. Examination results achieved every year are first class and put Hurtwood House consistently high up in the league tables time and time again, achieving academic excellence and yet retaining traditional values, giving students an exciting approach to life and creating a stepping stone between school and university.

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