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  • Fantastic Central London location
  • Small class sizes
  • Wide range of subjects available
  • Personal tutors
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Dedicated help with university applications

Ashbourne College

Ashbourne College is a highly successful private college. Located near Kensington Gardens and the Royal Albert Hall in central London, it offers outstanding teaching, which has seen its students secure places at some of the world’s leading universities. It focuses primarily on offering one-year, and the standard two-year A level courses to pre-university students between the ages of 16 and 19. GCSE courses for 14-16 year olds are also available.

Resembling a university, Ashbourne has an informal atmosphere and appeals to those who want to move into an environment that will prepare them for their next stage, university: something not always possible in more traditional schools. This is reflected in the ‘no school uniform’ policy and an environment in which the students are on first name terms with their tutors. However, close contact is kept with parents (or their representatives), who receive full, written reports every half term, along with regular attendance emails. The learning environment is multicultural, representing over 30 different nationalities, and just under half of the student population has joined Ashbourne College from overseas. In order to develop our international students’ English language skills, the college operates a strict policy prohibiting the use of other languages on the premises. Class sizes average seven are limited to ten, offering students a very good opportunity for individual attention and interaction which accelerates and enriches the learning process. Students are also offered a high allocation of contact hours per subject. With well over 30 different subjects offered at A level, a key advantage to studying at Ashbourne College is the wide range of subjects available to the students, and the flexibility offered in terms of subject combinations permitted.

Ashbourne encourages students to enjoy their time at college with a wide range of extra-curricular activities. This year students have had the opportunity to take part in the following events and clubs: The College Revue, ice-skating, go-karting, chess club, drama club, choir, Bollywood dancing, trips to plays, university and other cultural visits, and a plethora of other activities.  Each year a cultural trip to a European city is organised, which is an excellent experience for all involved. In addition to this, the students have organised their own successful college newspaper.

Ashbourne College’s 2014/2015 academic fees for UK based students are £20,700 per annum. The college is also willing to offer a small number of scholarships. Please note that the maximum scholarship Ashbourne College can offer is usually a 50% reduction of tuition fees only (scholarships do not affect accommodation costs)

Ashbourne College aims to send students to top British universities, and in the past few years has sent scholars to all of the top universities within the UK. In certain cases, students have won scholarships to the best British universities including Oxford, Nottingham and the London School of Economics. Ashbourne College attracts high quality students wishing to obtain university placement at the UK’s top ten universities. An Ashbourne student’s university application process is developed through the personal tutoring system, in which students meet with their personal tutor once a week.These meetings also offer students the opportunity to discuss with their personal tutor about any pastoral or general academic issues that may have arisen.

Ashbourne College has been rated as “Outstanding” by OFSTED and consistently achieves successful results, with 46% of examinations resulting in A* or A grades in the summer of 2013.

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